I am a developer at Kettle, a New York based interactive agency in SoHo, NYC. I love my job, which is perhaps why so much of my time is spent working. I also really enjoy working with everyone on the team. Our clients know that no one with less than five years experience touches our projects, and it shows in our work.

Still not much else to say… I’ll come back to this.


  1. Bo-oz says:


    You used to have a page served here sometime before:


    Are you planning on bringing this one back? Was a great concept! Build further on this just this week, so I’m a bit confused that I cannot find the page anymore!



    • kettle says:

      Hey Bo-oz, working on a post using the new Facebook Graph API. In fact, a number of Facebook articles in the works. That article was pretty dated at this point. I’ll update this thread when it’s live.

    • kettle says:

      Hey Bo-oz: just to follow up, I have re-posted the old CakePHP / Facebook Connect article. Please note, it uses the now deprecated Facebook REST api.
      As mentioned, working on a more up-to-date entry.

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